Beitraege von Alan Van Arsdale


Message to victims of high technology human rights abuses


I will not protest here I am not some sort of plant, agent, or perp. Or that I have in no way been compromised by any alterations of my biology, nervous system, or consciousness. Everyone should decide for themselves which side I am on. I do not advise anyone to trust anyone fully, especially anyone who offers services for victims. Keep in mind, child molestors, are very often getting themselves in positions of trust with children. Perps also can be skillful to place themselves in positions of trust or authority over victims of high technology human rights abuses. If anyone wishes to call me for counciling, concuiltation, or advice, my services are free. My phone number is 801-458-1463 please do not call between 12 PM and 7 AM USA Mountain Time. I am in Utah, hitting reply to this email will not reach me. It is my opinion that all who claim victimisation, of high technology human rights abuses, are in fact actual victims, and should be taken seriously and their cases studied carefully. There are primary victims, victims of actual abuse, secondary victims, persons harmed because someone else has been harmed, and victims of collectivised contagious hysteria induced by the pressures upon society by such crimes. As an analogy, if you were a member of an ancient band of humans, who were on occasion being carried off and eaten by cave hyenas, you would not have to be atytacked yourself, to be a victim of such attacks. As victims (I was attacked by some rogue faction of the US military / NSA in early 1982, for the purpose of forced induction), we never "recover". What we can do, is remove or protect against ongoing harmful activities, treat or remove physical pain and injury, and become functional rational human beings again. At a minimum, if we have been severely traumatised, some combination of PTSD, paranoid delusions, anxiety, hysteria, memory loss, insomnia, sexual disfunction and other problems is to be expected. The prognosis for victims is actually very good, relative to persons who are suffering from mental disease or medical problems, versus victimisation. But only if the victim is no longer being actively victimised, and they are not in a state of denial about what happened to them. Victims are at relatively low risk for suicide, as they usually are suffering only from environmentally induced factors, not from organic problems or real mental illness (I do not consider environmentally induced conditions such as PTSD top be true mental disease, they are forms of mental injury, not mental disease). Victims of high technology crimes, if they are not severely injured, tend to recover relatively well and quickly, once the risk factors have been removed, and they accept the approximatre nature of what has happened to them. Perps on the other hand, which are also a type of victim generally (the attempt to force induct me was an attempt to make me a part of their "system"), are often incurable. There are studies which indicate divorce is more traumatic than the death of a spouse. A close family member being a perp, and finding that they are involved in injuring you or other families members, is more traumatic than if they had died or anys eperation from them. Victims should try to focus upon the fact, that close family members who are victimising them as perps, are themselves a type of victim in turn. Rather then trying to rehabilitate adult or teenage perps, healthy (as in not yet converted into perps), family members, should be isolated from perp members, and allowed contact with them only under supervised conditions in places where it is unlikely perps have had the opportunity to prep the area in any detail. If it is practical / legal to obtain such isolation. Victims should be careful, unless there is no viable alternative, to not violate any laws of state, as this can be used to further victimise them using the jaws and appartus of the state. The same is true of members of armed forces, they should be careful to not violate orders and military rules / laws, unless there is no viable alternative. When you visit the grave of a dead family member, you do not expect them to be warm and affectionate, helpful, or play other roles of a living healthy family member. It is better to accept that any family member or loved one you are sure is a perp, is essentially dead, until there is some reason to think they have been rehabilitated. You can visit them, but it is something like visiting the dead. Confrontation with them is generally futile and counter productive for you, and for them. They will usually not be fully consciously aware they are perps, nor will they have the ability to redefine themselves so they are no longer perps. They have been consumed by a larger organism than themselves, and they no longer are autonomous beings fully in control of their own actions. When politicking against high technology human rights abuses, focus on those who are receptive, or potentially receptive, rather than beating yourself up against those who are nto receptive. And always sue caution, that those who appear receptive, are not acting as agents to entrap you with the legal or mental health system, using your own seemingly "irrational" (as well defined by KGB and CIA "mental health" workers in diverse nations), statements or behaviour, to cause you further harm. Remember that in the early years, such as when I was victimised, we did not have any internet groups or internet support groups or circles. We generally only had very limited understanding of what was being done to us, how, and who was doing it to us, and society in general posed a threat to our security should we complain to anyone of the crimes against us, especially medical doctors of all types and public / police / military officials. Now victims can find other victims and supporters on the internet. I encourage such behaviour, with the understanding, that illnesses related to victimisation can be transmittable (even to non first hand victims who can then have delusions they have been first hand victims). Hysteria, irrational fears, many things can be transmitted from person to person. Find fellow victims so they can help you with your problems, and you can help them with their problems, not to infect eachother with problems you did not have already. Good mental and physical health is related to behaviour. As much as is safe and practical, keep socially active, get regular sleep for 6.5 hours or more at about the same time every day, but do not sleep more than 9.5 hours per day. Eat a good diet with a lot of vegetables, fruits and meat.


Alan Van Arsdale
(biologist, USAF veteran)

Advanced Electronic Security Co - energy weapons / implants / spy devices


I am not referring anyone to this company. It appears from their web page, someone is well informed about such devices and counter measures against them. I also notice they give advice which they will not make money from, such as using caves or remote places for personal security, something I have done a lot of myself. People should understand that electronic harassment and "high tech" human rights abuses do not always require "government" "military" "intelligence organisations" or "aliens". Read this web page, and you can see high tech human rights violations also can be conducted by sexual deviants, common criminals, gangs, ordinary stalkers, criminals attempting to take over or purchase property cheaply through harassment etc... Nor does it always require great sophistication to take effective counter measures against such activities, whether conducted by social deviants or sophisticated state sponsored criminals.


Alan Van Arsdale



Message to victims: corporation to assist victims of electronic harassment

I can not vouch for this firm. I only know they are advertising professional services for victims of electronic harassment. I know there are some firms in the former USSR also, many of them led by members of the former KGB. Electronic harassment is fairly big business, and is a major aspect of high technology human rights abuses. Conventional human rights abuse victims advocacy groups, in my opinion, mostly ignore victims of high technology human rights abuse, or give it low priority (focusing on human rights abuses by nations and groups which do not have the ability, need for, or can not afford high technology human rights abuse). In the free market global economy, perhaps if conventional human rights organisations are failing in their duty to victims of high terchnology human rights abuse, possibly corporations are not. That is, for those who can afford it, victims of electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse, more and more, can hire protection / detection. Often those in the business of detection / prevention of electronic harassment / high technology human rights abuse, were in the past in the business of committing electronic harassment or high tech human rights abuse (corporate, organisational or national levels). As the old saying goes, sometimes it is good to hire a wolf to hunt a wolf. Victims should not be daunted. It is not that the World or America has been fully conquered by organisations lacking the ethics tio refraid from electronic harassment / high technology human rights abuse. It is that there is a struggle, on the one side those abusing, on the other side those trying to stop / expose / deter them, with many involved for reasons such as profit working for either or both sides, and in this struggle, there have been many victories already for our side (to stop such criminal behaviour, expose it, and deter it). The USSR was a great center of electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse, and now is a great center for the supression of electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse, with laws in this area much more advanced than in the US, and much more advanced and aggressive enforcement against such crimes now in the Russian Federation and elswhere than in the US. The nazis and Imperial Japanese were also very active in electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse, those prgrams have ended so far as being under the control of their original masters, and are the basis of many of our problems today. If any members ever use any mercenary services against those victimising them, I would strongly encourage them to post about their experience here, so as to guide other victims as to what mercenary services might be reliable sources of help against these modern day technological predators upon humanity. When the enemy has cut your lines, and is all around you, it is easy to think the war has been lost. Who has "won" or "lost" in modern warfare, is not always so obvious, or easy to evaluate. It is also often hard, to know who the enemy is, and who your allies are, volunteer, or mercenary. Often assets are shifting over time from one side to the other, or working for both sides. To all victims of electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse. No matter how terrible your situation, keep hope, our common enemies, though the may rise in power and effectiveness regionally, are slowly losing ground in the World over time, despite the horrible advantage their lack of morals and ethics gives them in any struggle (Hitler was terrible, but he did have some ethics, he refrained from using gas in war fior example, despite it would have been to his advantage, unlike most of these monsters). Your sacrifices are not in vain, and your silent, muted or audible screams do not go entirely unheard. Many of us may not live to see it, or may not be whole when it comes, but the possibility of a World unsafe everywhere for electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse criminals, is a reality within our grasp. Most of the heros of our cause remain unknown, fallen, neutralised, captured, or living and active. This does not lesson what they are, great heros of as noble a cause as any generation in human history ever struggled for. In America, the enemy has prevailed, but no longer can conquer or conceal from the public all open opposition. In this great human struggle, defining the combatants can be complex. But there is a simple explanation of who the enemy is, and who we are, as a movement. There are those who conduct electronic harassment and / or high technology human rights abuses, they are the enemy of all of humanity, irrespective of our race, ethnicity, nationality, religion or politics. There are those who work to expose, prosecute and / or supress crimes of electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse, these are us and our allies. More complex, there are those who work for the enemy, and work for us, or change sides over time. The third class is very important, often they are defectors from the enemy, who have resources not easily gained by pure victims and their non insider supporters.


Alan Darwin Van Arsdale
born 4-14-1962
(biologist graduated from UCSB, honorably discharged USAF veteran enlisted for cryptographic calibration, victim of high technology human rights abuse California early 1982 with intact implants visible on X-rays, phone USA 801-458-1463)









Alan Van Arsdale has an implant in his head


Message: 24

Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 17:59:11 -0800 (PST)

From: Andy Thames

Subject: Alan Van Arsdale, a fellow yahoogroups member, has an implant in his head, which allows him to be tortured by remote control!! Does anyone have resources which would help us help him? PLEASE READ!!

This American patriot, has had a rough life. Someone of his caliber, with his intelligence, and willpower, should be living the good life. But instead he is constantly tortured and abused for fighting on the side of freedom for all people. He deserves our help as much as anyone!

I read his emails often, and he is definately one of the most intelligent internet associates I know.

-- Andy.

My recomendation is that Alan get in touch with Roge Tolses and listen to the audio clips below to learn about the service he provides to people in Alan's predicament. (10 min) ( 9 min)

Below, I also provided a bit more of the information I have been archiving about this stunning issue.

Jack Topel


Subject: Update on the strange death of Margie Schoedinger - the Woman Who Filed a Rape Lawsuit against Bush


Roger Tolses:
Gordon Thomas:
Nick Begeige:
Joyce Riley: &

Technology discovered that can produce altered states of consciousness that take monks and yogis decades to achieve.

Test Marketing the Mark of the Beast - implantable biometric chip

Resistance Is Futile! You Will Be Assimilated!

“VeriChip” - RFID Microchip Implants for Humans


First it was cattle. Then it was pets. Now it's Mexicans. Will Americans be next?

US adopts National ID

Bio-chip implant arrives for cashless transactions

Announcement at global security confab unveils syringe-injectable ID microchip

Posted: November 21, 2003 / 7:42 p.m. Eastern

The agenda to microchip the human population has actually begun in earnest.

Implanted chips raise privacy worries

..."Critics, however, say such technologies would make it easier for government agencies to track a person's every movement and allow widespread invasion of privacy. Critics, however, say such technologies would make it easier for government agencies to track a person's every movement and allow widespread invasion of privacy...."

"Big Brother Under Your Skin"


What if there is a possibility, that today, or even for 25 years now, technology is being developed, to bind the human mind more tightly than any prison bars ever could? I understand the claims here can seem incredible, especially to anyone without any scientific training or expertise in these areas, or any personal experience. But please try to consider such things may be possible, and if they are not possible today, that they will be possible in the future.

A common misperception within the human rights and liberties movements, is something like "us against them". This is just what human rights and liberties abusers want, they want us to seem anti authority and law, and to recruit those upholding states and legal systems to their criminal causes.

As a calls, police, national security officers, intelligence officers, spies, and combat soldiers, are among the most abused in the World, in terms of human rights and liberties. They are routinely abused, when they fall into the hands of the enemy. And they are routinely abused, by their own professional peers.

I should remind readers, under one of the most abusive systems ever, that of Stalin, government workers, to the highest level, soldiers, intelligence officers, spies, were the prisoners of Stalin. They often physically worked from prison (my ex wife’s grandfather was a Stalin party boss in Ukraine, war criminal Serendenko, I knew his wife well and he raised my ex wife), he spent much of his time in prison, and secretly hated both Stalin and communism. The "system" is to create victims, and in turn use them to victimise others, that is most of what mind control is about.

Under the nazis, there were nazis who protested abuses of human rights and liberties by other nazis. There were nazis who openly, or secretly, helped tens of thousands of Jews, gypsies, and others, escape nazi persecution, such as by illegally or legally issuing them exit visas, or helping them to be smuggled out of nazi controlled territory. One of the greatest and most publicly outspoken war time critics of Japanese atrocities in China, was a nazi attaché to Japan. He is now recognised as a hero of human rights in communist China.

Human rights and liberty is not about politics. All political parties have their right to exist, and many have made mistakes about human rights and liberties in the past, or continue to do so. For example, American genocide of many indigenous American peoples, and organised exploitation of the survivors and theft of their land.

All groups, which have long histories, have things in their history, they should not be proud of, in regards to abuse of human rights and liberties.

Human rights and liberties, are not just for Gods chosen people, not just for people who look like us, think like us, belong to the same nation or party as us, are the same sex as us, have the same sexual orientation as us, pack the same type of weapons for self defence as us whether they carry them openly or under their clothes, same skin colour as us, same language. Human rights and liberties, are for all peoples, all places, in the World.

Sometimes humans make war on each other. This is no excuse to deprive anyone of their basic human rights and liberties, even if they are legal prisoners, of war, or legal prisoners as convicted criminals, or persons society has elected to incarcerate or limit in their movements due to mental or physical handicap or disease.

Nobody, any place, any time, under any circumstance, should be tortured, mind controlled, or brain washed. These are crimes equal to, or greater than, kidnapping or murder, crimes against humanity.

Soldiers, police, intelligence and national security officers, should not be made prisoners only because some authority does not trust the power that authority has given them. Nor should they be subjected to mind control, illegal or inhumane human experimentation, nor should they be robotied, brain washed, or exist under constant intimidation to suppress their human rights, dignity, and liberties.

For those in our movement who are not anarchists, we recognise the need for some level of state. That is, when we cannot defend ourselves against criminal attacks, we want some police authority we can call to our aid. When we can not defend ourselves against military incursions by external enemies of our autonomy, we want some army to help us in our defence. When terrorists attack our people, we want some sort of national security apparatus, which, without depriving us of our human rights and liberties, will help in our defence against terrorism.

Yes, it is us against them. But them is not "the" police, military, national security, spy networks, "them" is those who engage in criminal activities against human rights and liberties, no matter what sheep skins, of church, state, politics, law, court authority, they wear to cover their true nation, as organised criminals, which are not welcome to conduct their crimes in any civilised nation which has not been fully conquered by some internal or external enemy.

Yes, organised criminals of human rights and liberties abuse, would like to paint us as terrorists, and propagandise the jaws of state, not involved in human rights and liberties crimes, that we are their enemies. We are not the enemies of any legitimate military, police, or state authority. We are the enemies of those who make crimes against human rights and liberties, no matter what form they take, or appear to take.

Soldiers, police, spies, intelligence officers, endure horrible suffering from abuses of their human rights and liberties, as prisoners, as active servants of states, and they usually suffer in silence, under the threat or horrible repercussions, in case they should make any public complaint of the abuses heaped upon them by human rights and liberties organised crime.

Soldiers, including our own men and women in arms now, if they complain, are routinely physically and / or mentally tortured for complaining. I should know, I was tortured, because my father, against my wishes, reported my complaints to him about my treatment to my major. I was deprived of sleep, forced to stand at attention more than seven hours per day, subjected to hypnotic and brain washing techniques (openly, my major and others made jokes about it, and openly admired my resistance to brain washing, even using such terms as "hot dog" in reference to me). "Maybe", their behaviour, was even reasonable, under the excuse of "national security". They did not give me illegal orders to handle radioactive rounds, and inflict them upon civilians in war crimes. They did not give my pregnant wife radiation, to see how it might effect her, with their nazi doctors carefully recording how my wife, or our newborn child, died a horrible death from that radiation (most of us know these experiments have now been publicly confessed to by the US army, with compensation now being payed survivors, those who alleged these crimes before, were treated in about exactly the same manner as other veterans are now, who allege other crimes by nazi doctors imported from Germany after the war, and their US army and other handlers), they did not stick wires in my brain, and my jokes as my unconscious body twitched or convulsed from electrical stimulation or my brain, they did not gang rape me, maybe my treatment, in the USAF, was relatively at least, reasonable.

How can I complain? I am at most 8% mentally and physically handicapped, and am in no way persecuted or suppressed now. Whatever was done to me, in and out of the military, is past, let bygones be bygones. But what is being done to my fellow veterans now, in inexcusable, and what they are illegally being ordered to do, to persons who are not enemy combatants, or are prisoners of war, is also inexcusable.

How can we expect the enemy, to treat our soldiers, spies, pilots, humanely, if we do not treat the enemy humanely in turn? In WW II, the Soviets and nazis brutally slaughtered each other as prisoners of war, less than 2% survival rate. By starvation, working them to death as slaves, outright torture and murder etc.. Nazi prisoners of war, were humanely treated by the US, so US prisoners of the nazis, in turn, for the most part, were also humanely treated. Nothing about the Geneva convention, the nazis cared nothing about conforming to any Geneva convention, and violated it routinely, it was reciprocal behaviour, not treaty behaviour.

Sure, our commander in chief, and his circles, are not going to end up the prisoner of any Muslim "terrorists" or "insurgents", so what do they care, if in reciprocation for abused of "enemy" prisoners, our people are raped, tortured, brain washed, murdered, and brutalised by the enemy? Even better, make a media event of such incidents, increase taxes, more money to steal for the military industrial complex and "national security" industry, more justification, for yet more crimes against human rights and liberty, against the enemy, and against our own people, including our soldiers, intelligence officers, pilots. By the enemy, yes, as former CIA allies, they should be brutal criminals, but not just by the enemy, but abuse of our own people, by our own people, not in the tradition of Hitler, but in the tradition of Stalin.

Friends, comrades, supporters of human rights and liberties in all places. Do not let the lies of the enemy deceive you. Your human rights and liberties, and those of others, are not taken away from them by legitimate nations, police, armies, or intelligence / national security organisations. They are taken away, by a multicultural, multilingual, global industry, of human rights and liberties abuse. An industry, which has become more powerful than most nations, so powerful, as to control much of nations, maybe 40% of the government of Israel controlled by this industry now, maybe 25% of the government of America under this industries control.

An industry so powerful, so feared, few, dare to speak against it, from positions of power to oppose it. A guild of evil, which if unrestrained, will enslave all of humanity with time, and will enslave its own ranks as well, in the tradition of Stalin, where only one man (or possibly machine), will be free, all others on Earth, his slave (I think the bible names his as the antichrist, son of Satan, the peace maker). Oh yes, we will have peace, when there is no power, able to oppose, the will of Stalin.

Yes, many of you know, how America, and Stalin, sought out, and imported, all those evil monsters of nazism, in the "sciences" of torture, human mass extermination, propaganda, thought and mind control, remote torture and torture, neutralisation of opposition via drugs and surgery. But do you know, that with the reforms in the Russian Federation now, a similar wave of filth has crept out into the World? And is being used now? Bug their secret bases of torture and mind control, is it the German accents of very elderly scientists you hear now? Or is it the Russian accents, of KGB research scientists, such as my ex wife, now disemployed in their specialties in their own nations?

Friends, fellow patriots, I have seen it with my own eyes, it is sickening. Stalinist monsters, born and bred of crimes against humanity, courted and recruited by our CIA. Sought out, like in the rubble of nazi Germany, for their abilities in obscene sciences that should not be legal to practice in any civilised nation, and incorporated into our "American" war machine, given positions of authority and privilege. Monsters so horrible, they are no longer welcome in their native countries, at least not to practice their obscene research and "science".

I was with my ex wife for seven years (what some people will sacrifice for their nations!). Hearing the jokes about human experiments upon prisoners in the Moscow prison system, the lurid details of different crimes, by criminals, and against criminals, by the then still intact machine of social repression of Stalin, with all its post WW II incorporated nazi nuances. I attendee corporate (not government), corporate, meetings, in America, with my ex wife,in which charts of the human brain were put up, and ways discussed how various parts of the brain could be chemically suppressed (as in the case or specific disorders, and somewhat openly, as in the case of political or other subjects).

Is it rights, that nazi monsters, were imported to America, and allowed free reign to torture and murder our soldiers, and their wives and children, in the now publicly revealed army radiation experiments, and other as yet undisclosed experiments?

Is it right, that Stalinist monsters, so horrible, they are no longer welcome in Mother Russia, should be imported to America, and given positions of prestige and authority? That they should be allowed, to work on political prisoners, and prisoners of war held by America, to engage those powers by such crimes, to make suicidal attacks upon America, for many generations to come, in any nations we should elect to colonise, possibly even within America?

Friends, comrades, countrymen and women. My life, my past, is not important. Think of our children (including mine by a ruthless KGB officer and famous medical researcher, her father winner of the Soros prize for medical research, her mother, winner of the Noble prize for medical research, surprise, for human brain cell culturing!, which child our courts recently elected to give her custody of, at my expense, the judge suggesting, in his order, I should go to reside with my ex wife, despite I am remarried, own a home, and my ex wife is single, unstable in her place of living, and lives in an apartment).

I have seen, with my own eyes, my ex wife’s high social and scientific status in America now. I am ready to testify to this respect in any court of law, or take lie detector tests about my allegations. I have first hand knowledge, that a program similar to the importation of nazi war criminals, is now going on with USSR (pardoned, so long as they no longer engage in such criminal activities, under harsh new laws in the Russian Federation against such crimes), run by the CIA, to import Soviet Cold War criminals, into the US, and into places under US control in other nations.

I have many contacts with my ex wife’s colleagues, her family considers I am still head of household (all of them, mother included, the noble prize winner for research in medicine, and she has given me free run in her research before, in her office, where I have spent many hours reading, Tatanya Kovalenko (Serendenko) in Kiev Ukraine). Many of them are in the US, working on various, often secret, projects.

I myself, have been offered employment, in the US, in a jointly Russian / US owned firm, in bioengineering research. The truth is, I was told for anti cancer agents. But the truth is also, I know that was not the truth. The truth is, I would have been searching for biochemical weapons, in the US, and for more efficient knock out drugs, for use against terrorists and others. I know this for a fact, though I cannot honestly say this was made clear to me with the offer of employment. The rate of pay, 100K per year, joint former KGB / CIA research.

NWO order aside, we have a real problem, with unification of the global culture of "state craft" now. So much so, they do not seem to have any viable enemies left, which were not spawned from organisations they themselves created. That is, they have crushed all opposition with the obscene technologies they control, and are now fighting among themselves, as they have no viable enemies left to fight. Maybe some anarchist can bomb the walls of some prison in Europe, but do they really care?

Are we paying so much, in money, in terms of our human rights and liberties, for our defence, or would it be more accurate to assume, we are paying, to increase the power of a global culture, bent upon the erection of a global police state, that global police state enforced by the very same guild bent upon its erection?
Friends, countrymen and women, if my claims were false, why not some investigation made public, to establish them as false? I am here, waiting. I am willing to have my implants removed for study, under the sole condition all findings be made public. I am ready to testify in any court on these issues, to take lie detector tests, to undergo psychiatric evaluations to determine if I am mentally competent.

I know this global culture of oppression has not won, I also know they are very powerful. They know me personally, and well, as I know them personally and well. We are in a condition of peaceful coexistence now, as scientific peers. I know there are real men and women left out there, who will speak up, even if they are afraid to do so. I am waiting, my case needs to appear in court, it is well documented, going back many years, at UCLA in the medical department it is common knowledge about my being examined there in 1982, in the LAPD my case is common knowledge also, in both cases, the opinion being, I was subjected to government level, or higher, remote torture, in 1982.

My X-Rays, still show implants, exactly where incisions were recorded, by LAPD and a UCLA medical professor an his students in 1982. I am exactly who, and what, I write here, and an investigation would reveal most of what I allege here to be true. There is no purpose to my making formal complaints to various authorities, I know for a fact, diverse authorities are aware of my case. I have had an open apology from army intelligence, made to me on my land, by a known army intelligence officer. Former KGB officers have openly admitted to me, even in the USSR, they were aware of my case and its details (so much for "national security", secrets are only to be kept from the American people, not from the KGB). Amnesty International officials, have openly admitted there is likely to be credibility to my claims, and I have been openly named in Europe as a potential (likely) US victim.

I can not do this all on my own people. I am here, and I am waiting. I will sign any documents in regards to my case, testify, speak with any police or other authority about my case, and have medical proof there is some basis to my allegations, sequestered in my own body. Technology, I could not have possibly obtained, and surgically implanted in my own body. There are medical opinions, nobody below governmental level, could have implanted the devices in my body, as the technology remains LARGELY UNKNOWN AND UNPUBLISHED, even to this day, some 23 years after the state sponsored crimes against me.

I have offered, free of charge, to give my implants to cybernetics scientists, I am certain Dr Warwick is aware of my offer, on the sole condition the findings be made public. No response. I offered to send Dr Warwick my X-Rays, and copies of polygraph and lie detector tests, and scientific references to establish my credibility, no response.

I am certain, my attempts to reveal to the American public, the truth that there is physical and irrefutable evidence of my claims, is being interfered with, even though I am not being persecuted, at this time (not since army intelligence made their apology to me, and I agreed to obey all laws of the United States and be a pacifist in my activities to expose these sorts of crimes).

It has been said, by some who admit I have such implants, that they were placed in me while living in the Soviet Union, or while living in the PRC, and that the PRC or Soviets just wanted to give America a black eye by brain washing me to think they were put in me in America. Fine, I do not care, let them make that cover. I still want my implants removed, studied, and the results made public. I have refused offers of monetary and other compensation, from US army intelligence, over my case and allegations. I do not want money, I want satisfaction. I want the objects in me, removed, studied, and made public. That is all I ask for, is that too much for me to ask for, considering the sacrifices I have made, as a patriot, for my nation?

It is not so important who put these things in my body, as that they are there, and what their purpose is. I want humanity, to be aware, that such things have been going on, and to be on guard against them. That is my real motivation. I am not against anyone, and I can fully forgive my scientific peers, who were involved in this crime against me. Yes, I could have my implants removed and studied, and published, in the PRC or in the Russian Federation, including English translations. I do not want that, I am American, I want them taken out in my native country, by my own countrymen, I do not want to have to go to some other power, to get satisfaction.

My patience is limited. Either I will have satisfaction, in my own birth nation, and within the next few years, or I will invite the press and media in, and conduct this surgery and study under my own auspices and with my own funds and resources, under the eyes of many witnesses. If need be, I will perform the surgery myself, before witnesses, and under camera. If my position is unacceptable, then I suggest I should be suppressed some way, even if this means I should be murdered, as I am not going to voluntarily reverse my position.

Again, for anyone who does not understand my claim. In 1982, I was illegally operated upon, and implants placed in my body, in my fathers apartment, without my consent or advance knowledge. I complained to the LAPD at LAX before the public, showed them my incisions, they openly agreed with me that I was being remotely tortured via surgical implants. I went to UCLA, was there examined by a medical professor with several of his students, who upon examination (including my partial opening of an incision with a pocket knife, revealing a vicious brown paste, the incision did not bleed and self closed upon reopening by me), made the formal proclamation that I was being remotely tortured, and that the technology had to be of government or higher level (in early 1982), once of his students asked him what he meant by higher level than government, his words "it may be the antichrist".

Recent X-Rays, here, reveal artificial objects, a 1.2 mm sphere, a 1 cm "wire" with a 1/2 cm projection at an angle (both very straight like a ruler, both of which I have always felt and which cause some pain), and other objects as well, exactly where the incisions were, which I showed to hundreds of persons when they were fresh in early 1982, including a UCLA medical professor and LAPD officers at LAX, and literally hundreds of other persons in and around the LA Basin.

My question is not, why is it that the American people do not widely know of my case, the evidence for my allegations, and the nature of my allegations. My question is, how is it, that the American people do not know of it? Anyone, please, tell me, exactly what do I have to do, before the American people do know of my allegations, and the hard physical evidence for them?

In 1982, I was openly threatened with death and torture should I reveal my case to anyone. I elected to not follow those illegal orders, and to make my case public. For this, I was subjected to four days of pain, which I suspect was beyond anything a man can feel in nature. But only four days of hell, can I complain so much, compared to what others have suffered, and still suffer?

I have put my life back together, am not now persecuted, and do not mean to complain of my current situation. Yes, I should have been a well known research scientist, should have ended up living some place like Santa Barbara, not Ogden Utah, and should have had a stable family and children. But that is all past, I do not look back, I look forward. Let bygones be bygones. However, what legitimate legal reason, is there, for the continuing organised efforts, to keep my allegations, and the physical evidence for them, a secret from the American people? What legitimate reason is there to not make a criminal investigation, or at least inquiry, about my case?

How is what was done to me, more terrible, more a threat to the credibility of the American Cold War era state, than the giving of the pregnant wives of our army veterans often lethal doses of radiation, with full knowledge it would lead to the horrible painful deaths of many wives and children of our army veterans, who served their nation faithfully and loyally, yet were betrayed in such a fashion?

The only valid reason, I can think of, why my case should be suppressed from the American people, when the army radiation experiments have been revealed, is that there is an active, and ongoing, research program in America, in cybernetics, and human robotisation. Army intelligence denied this to me, and said the program has been scrapped, and the records were shredded to avoid criminal prosecution, and that the nazi scientists involved have fled to Canada, way up North some place there.

I do not believe it. I have no hard evidence, but I have much evidence, there is still a program, like the one I was victimised in, in America, of experimentation upon humans, for the purpose of human robotisation, and networking humans and artificial intelligence into new types of collective organisms (borgs if you wish, in my field we use other terms), which in my professional opinion, pose a great risk to American national security, and the human rights and liberties of the American people.

And I mean professional, as despite the turmoil this caused in my life, I was still in advanced graduate level biological research studies at the university of California, and in Russia at least, I am recognised as being a very advanced research scientist, specifically in these areas (thought collectives, mind control, neural networking, more on the side of theory, as I have never done any experiments upon animal or human subjects which involved implants, electronics, or surgery). My research even now remains very active, the IPCUSA being one of my many active research projects in collectivised human behavioural patterns.

However, unlike some of my peers, I have scientific and medical ethics. Could my ethics, have anything to do with why I was selected for such an intrusive and illegal experiment? That is, they wanted me in, but knew I would not go along with what they were up to, by my own free will at least. In early 1982, when they "hit" me, it was widely recognised I should have a very high level career in science, and I was considered a very advanced student by my professors, at that time. To give one example, my chemistry professor, was openly saying, I could get the most accurate results he had ever seen, and in the shortest amount of time, on unknowns, and he was a UCB PhD in chemistry. He once invited me to eat with him, and some guy was with him, who I did not know, who was suggesting there were some sort of mysterious employment opportunities open to me. Honestly, I thought the guy wanted me to make illegal drugs at the time, so I kept my distance, now, I think he was governmental. He would not tell me what he had in mind, though my professor seemed to know who and what he was, and advised me it would be a good opportunity for me if I would agree to work with him.

They took all that away from me, I was soon to be a refugee, living on the streets of LA, or in remote places, or wandering about the country, my incisions leaving almost no scars, so anyone I told of my case, would generally think I was delusional, with a few exceptions. I began to live in other nations, I felt safer as an impoverished Latino peasant some place, than as an American. Nor was any secret made, of the fact I was being followed, and monitored, at all times then. Those assigned to my case, would often walk up to me, and engage in open conversation with me (out of hearing of others), about my case. Some were even sympathetic with me, but explained they were just doing their jobs.

I do not request satisfaction, I demand it. I demand, that my implants, if they exist (and that this should be first determined by neutral third parties, I am ready to pay all required fees), be removed, studied, and their nature made public. I have no mental disease, from age 21, and any before that, was stress related due to abuse of various types, environmentally induced. I have lived my life out, with my own family, except my ex wife (who knows the truth of it), thinking I am delusional, even my current wife. I have lost a promising career in science, only because I can not work for any power which keeps such secrets from its own people, in any capacity, so I can only be self employed, to feel right, and to feel safe. My scientific work and research is entirely unsupported, volunteer work for my species, for a better future for humanity. I do not complain about my position in society now, but I have lost everything I might have been, what I once was, is dead, murdered, by some obscene illegal experiment. I now demand, that I have this level of satisfaction, that my case be publicly researched, even at my expense, to some conclusion (if the conclusion is that I am delusional, fine, but I will like to see how anyone will explain my implants, in hand, and under the electron microscope). Or I demand, that instead I be murdered or some way neutralised by some party or parties posing as acting in the interests of the state, on the basis that my case, upon public revelation, is a threat to US national security.

It is not for myself I make this demand, it is for anyone, who is at risk, to being subjected to the sort of technology I was subjected to. I am devoted now to pacifist resistance, so despite considerable ability to make armed aggression upon anyone I see as involved, Via my skills in science and the lab, I am prohibited from doing so, by my vow of non violent protest only, without any violence, except in direct self defence (not that I expect I would have any chance of survival, or even getting a shot off, in case I am classified in extreme prejudice). If nobody will help me to meet my demand, that my implants be evaluated (to see if they are there, as I claim, and as my X-Rays show), removed in case they are there, studied, and made public as to the findings, I will do it myself, with my own resources and abilities. If I have to cut myself open, before witnesses and cameras, without anathesia, and remove the implants myself, I will do so, even on some busy city street, for all passers by to see. And if need be, I will study, and publish in a medical journal, those implants myself. I do not want to do it this way, and I should not be forced by my society, in an act of craven cowardice and lack of patriotic duty, or complete lack of any charitable instinct from anyone able to help me in this, but if I must, that is what I will do, if I am not stopped, by some sort of criminal force. I will go to some busy public place, bringing witnesses and a rolling camera with me, I will cut out my own implants, before the eyes of the public, and I will study them, and publish them, in a scientific journal, myself. I will do this within three years, if I am not helped to achieve my satisfaction. If I am arrested, upon my release, I will complete the process until it is completed, or I will do it while incarcerated, to the best of my ability.

If anyone is in any position to help me, to determine if I have implants in my body, and to have them removed, studied, and publicly published if they are present, my cell phone number is 801-458-1463.

If you are in any position to help me, do not do it for me, do it for humanity, for America, for our children, and their children.

I do not suffer from being what I have been made into, the pain is for me minor, I want these things out of me, which are now a part of my being, and made public, only to serve as a warning to our species, of what can happen. I have tried to get help, contacted many people, some have offered to help me, but in the end, always, there is silence, and no help. Some have admitted to me they were contacted on the basis of "national security".

I will travel any place in America to achieve my satisfaction, and bear any cost of it myself. A simple surgical operation and removal does not do it. I need people who have the ability to study these objects, to learn something of their nature, and who are committed to making their findings public. I could just cut them out myself, if it were that simple. I leave them in place, so that it can be documented their provenance was my flesh.

If I am abandoned by my nation, and people, then very well, I will perform the surgery myself, do the research myself to be able to publish the objects adequately. And I will obtain the SEM photos myself, for publication. I already begin research for some months now, to perform this task. But I know relatively little about cybernetics, immune system suppressing implant coatings, electronics, and microprogramming, these are not areas of my interest in science.

It is hard, to do it alone, but not impossible. I can do it, and will, if nobody helps me to do it, or stops me from doing it some way.

Best Wishes,

Alan Van Arsdale


Most of the Russian Mafia in the U.S. are former KGB Officers

"Most of the Russian Mafia in the U.S. are former KGB officers adept at their ways, and the FBI is frightened of them."

by Sherman H. Skolnick 10/22/01



Communications Age Syndrome

The weapon can actually fire neural cells that communicate sound. That is, the cells that take the vibrational energy through the ear mechanism are neural cells that interpret this sound wave data.

Long story short, the machine can actually be used to talk to a person, like a cell phone without the phone.

If you notice in the press a lot of religious "loonies" committing crimes because "God told them to" it's likely the machine at work.

As for the large number of inconsequential victims voicing concerns on the 'net, you should know that they could be kept from communicating if that was necessary--or made to communicate if that would undermine a clear picture of the political forces behind the weapon's use.

Kevin Alexander

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