The torturers are possible navy-army base

This is from a victim:

I myself have told them the same things like I told you they took over groups at Carderock a Navy-army base where I worked in the DC area. I also went done to the steps of the capital and they used the capital police as street actors, I was on indian reservations, in the fbi building. I flew to New Mexico and they used the people on the plane as street actors. I have never invovled myself so I have not got into any trouble from the police or other authorities but lost my job, retirement account car and ect from them playing this on me. One thing for sure is it is above the governments technology. They are using a form of a physics theory called electron duplicity. Which means the at any moment an electron can exhist is two places in the universe at the same time. There is initial work being done on this in the US but nothing of this scale. This allows them to fire neurons in the brain to create street actors from anywhere. They also use it to give the extreme headaches they use by dialating the blood vessels in the brain (they said it could be radar but the signator for radar was not always there I have a means of measuring it and gave up for it does nothng but worry myself of the level used) and most of there weapons are from this and can be done from anywhere (I means anywhere in the universe). I have found injecting Imatrex I got from a doctor stops the pain and does so by constricting the blood vessels to the brain. The headaches end in less than ten minutes and do not return for a day or two. This is not a narcotic and is not addictive (no high). Tell your doctor you are having cluster headaches or migrains to gain a written presciption. I also contacted a senator and congressman about it because of the army-navy base they were invovled in and got no where. There was both a congressonal and senate investigation and nothing was found. Good luck in your quest there. If needed I will forward the papers they sent to me. I only feel it hurt my reputation for they can use anyone for their actors and I have seen much. If you have questions on how to contact your senator, congressmen or army medical let me know for I have done that already.



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