The PSI area is where a lot of this Mind Control and Harassment is coming from

Hey Mark,

Much thanks for all the good info you have presented. For someone looking for RV info, I am sure they will find lots to read. I had not come accross the IRV site, and found it very informative.

I personally believe the psi area is where a lot of this Mind Control and Harassment is coming from. Here in Huntsville, AL I have experienced many situations which lead me to believe telepathy has been harnessed and given to almost anyone.

Remote Viewing has been around for a very long time, and most of the initial studies were done in lab back in the 50's and 60's. My personal belief is that research was also done on these original folks like Swann, to understand what allows them the abilities they possess. This info like brain chemistry was understood, developed, and allowed to be trasnfered to others through the administer of chemicals to heighten sensitivity to ESP. I personally believe there is a whole area of brain development our government has allowed to keep secret, and un-published, by side tracking the public in areas they would like us to be side tracked in.

I have not completely eliminated the possibility of weaponry to inflict these types of pains I am receiving, but the pin point accuracy, and the ability of one person to receive them while all others in the same vicinity cannot, leads me to believe that people are able to tap into one persons brain, through telepathic - ESP capabilities, in order to inflict these pain signals.

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